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February 12, 2013
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Jade Dragon and Scarlet Falcon Poster (Fake) by DrVillain Jade Dragon and Scarlet Falcon Poster (Fake) by DrVillain
A fake poster of Viann Zhang Xinyu as Jade Dragon and Sara Jean Underwood as Scarlet Falcon
Based on my favorite series of erotic superheroine in peril stories "The Adventures of the Jade Dragon" written by Lespion1944 :iconlespion1944:
Published by Vladi-the-Wizard :iconvladi-the-wizard: on his Wizard's Lair:… (Warning: mature content)

United States, 1922.

Sun Lin, also known as the Jade Dragon scurried across the rooftops, moving easily from building to building, patrolling the dark streets of this city in search of those who would harm others. She carried with her a silken cord, light but very strong. Attached to the end was a device of her own invention, an aluminum grappling hook.  With it she was able to cross a thirty-foot gap between buildings. She carried the device attached to a utility belt at her waist. Part of her training as a child had been in the ancient Chinese martial art of Wushu.

A beautiful young woman, tall and curved in all the right places, she stood five foot eight in her bare feet. Perhaps her most unusual features, however, were her brilliant green eyes, most unusual in an oriental, but most fitting considering her name. 

She had chosen for her new identity a costume that she felt was suited to her new profession. It made entirely of silk. This material was light and strong and fitted her tightly enough to give her ease of movement. She had chosen jade green and black as suitable colors. The green symbolized the name she had chosen for herself, and the black enabled her to blend into the night. To further conceal her presence she had created a cape that was black on the underside and green on the reverse. When danger threatened or when concealment was necessary she only had to throw the cape over herself, dark side out to make herself almost completely disappear. She also fabricated a cowl that covered most of her head and fit over her face to a level just above her mouth. This would keep her identity secret and add an air of mystery to her nighttime adventures.

She had chosen to name herself Jade Dragon based on her own background. Her name, “Lin” was Mandarin for jade.  And she had been born in 1904, the year of the dragon, by the Chinese calendar. Now, equipped with a new identity, costumed as a crimefighter, and trained for any eventuality, she patrolled the rooftops of Metro City. She preferred to move among the rooftops. The elevation gave her several advantages. First, she could see trouble coming before it saw her. Second, it gave her the element of surprise when dealing with any nefarious characters who might be about. Third, she was able to travel in relative safety, as criminals seldom bothered to use the rooftops for any criminal activities. Finally, it afforded her anonymity. No one knew from whence she came or to where she returned.

Scarlet Falcon was wearing some sort of crimson and black costume, complete with a long flowing cloak. A tight-fitting cowl covered her head and masked her face. On her ample bosom was the image of a red hawk or eagle. It was Suzi Kendall, the girl Jade Dragon had rescued from kidnappers several months ago.

Decided that modeling wasn’t nearly as interesting as crime-fighting,  she tried to copy Jade Dragon. She never learned to fight, so she made herself a few weapons. She got top marks in chemistry.  It was a simple matter for her to put together some small contact bombs. They really don’t do much damage, but they make a lot of noise and scare the heck out of anyone who is close to them.

The young woman was fascinated by Sun Lin’s adventurous lifestyle and it was apparent that she wanted very much to emulate her. It was obvious that she was completely infatuated with the concept of the Jade Dragon and was determined to imitate Sun Lin in every way possible.

She was a magnificently beautiful tall young woman with blonde hair and clear blue eyes, having blossomed into full female maturity in the few months since the Jade Dragon had saved her. Together she and the Jade Dragon would patrol Metro City, and one day they would take vengeance upon those who had kidnapped and tortured the oriental heroine.

I know the costumes aren't actually 100% accurate to L'Espion's descriptions of the characters, but they're the best I can come up with.

L'Espion have always envisioned Jade Dragon as resembling Sung Hi Li (a Korean American soft-core nude model and actress), but I decided to cast Viann Zhang Xinyu (a Chinese actress, singer and model) in the title role, and Sara Jean Underwood (an American model, actress and Playboy Playmate) as her teenage sidekick Scarlet Falcon.

The pattern on Jade Dragon's mask is based on traditional Chinese theater masks, and Scarlet Falcon's costume is simpler with less detailing since she's the newer, inexperienced 'rookie' heroine, but still similar to Jade Dragon's because it was based on her mentor's costume.

Jade Dragon and Scarlet Falcon are characters owned by L'Espion
Any actual names or likenesses of celebrities are used in a fictitious and parodic manner
Edited by Dr. Villain
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OceanFairie Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013
Both girls look pretty in their outfits.
dmytr66 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013
I Want see Scarlett in bondage
jarvik2009 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013
I love the green and black costume!
echoarty Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice work :D
DrVillain Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you :)
Lespion1944 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
Very nice. I don't exactly envision my heroines as looking like that, but they do look dammed good. You obviously put a great deal more thought into the costumes than I have. I especially like the stylized dragons on JD's torso. Great work.
DrVillain Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! I know they're not exactly 100% accurate to the source material, but I tried to take what I can get from the descriptions to recreate them in what I think look best on the screen, as well as making them visually look more movie-like.

However, I would surely love to see them the way you actually envision them :)
Nightwing called, he likes your outfit :)
DrVillain Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He does? That's weird, because the Nightwing I knew would like the girls without the outfit :D
54l5llws Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
Do you have any ucencored versions?
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